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Vismara was founded in 1984 by Alessandro Vismara, naval architect graduated in Yacht Design from the Southampton College of Higher Education, in England, with a post graduationin Applied Aerodynamics and Sailing Boat Performance Prediction. Vismara has always invested and believed in research and technology as tools to express its design philosophy, aiming to lightness and performances as much for cruiser-racers as for luxury-cruisers. Research and technology found application in interior design, to affirm the concept of aesthetic architectural ambivalence of materials.

As a matter of fact, the great part of Vismara’s projects presents interiors and structural decors, as well as exposed materials and architectural components. Also in the use of informatics tools and programs, from those for prediction to those for 3D simulation, the Vismara is at the forefront and it collaborates with the research consortium ICAD of Florence University, of which it has been founder member.

The scientific approach to planning has always allowed Vismara’s boats to be innovative and provided with technological solutions never ending in themselves, but rather aimed at security at sea and comfort.

Vismara has for instance been amongst the first boatyard to have in view canting keels and rotating wing masts on cruiser yachts.

The practical experience is another key element of Vismara. Outings at sea, races, visits on board represent a non-stop data and observations collection for the Vismara Team, made up entirely of passionate yachtsmen. Nonetheless, being a true designer-constructor, Vismara sets its work on a constant and direct relationship with the boat yards, in order to acquire the planning practical sense on-the-job.

Vismara believes in team work and collaborates with the best experts in the field since forever, being these planners of international reputation such as Bruce Farr, Reichel/Pugh, Judel/Vrolijk, Bill Tripp Jr, or structural engineers, mast builders, interior designers, ERS and, last but not least, boat yards of the calibre of Baltic Yachts, Marten Yachts,Hodgon, Mas, Marine Services.

The abilities to relate to others’ ideas and experiences then find extended application in the typology of boats designed, mainly Custom or Semi-Custom, for which it is fundamental to know,to listen and to understand the ship owner’s needs.

The Vismara activity ranges from 25 ft small raceboats to the technological oceanic 100ft Maxy for record or for fast cruising, providing not only the project but all the realization consulting, up to the construction project management. Furthermore, Vismara has internally developed a department entirely dedicated to optimization and update of appendices, sail plans and deck on racing boats and cruiser-racers from 30 ft to 100 ft



Piazza S.Benedetto Del Tronto 1
Viareggio (Lucca)


Tel:+39 0584 371194


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