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X-Craft builds some of the very best superyacht tenders in the world. Every X-Craft is built with the attention to detail expected at the absolute highest level of the superyacht industry. This attention to detail, throughout the entire build process, has resulted in a level of reliability that is rarely achieved in the world of custom made superyacht tenders. Not only have X-Craft tenders developed a reputation for reliability, their growing fleet is able to rely on an after-sales service second to none, the following story is one example of what X-Craft are all about.

A couple of deckhands were preparing the new X-Craft superyacht tender which was delivered a couple of days prior. Their principal was bound to come on board the next day for the first time since the new tender arrived and the guys wanted to present the tender in spotless condition. A final test drive would prove all systems in pristine order, but upon return to the yacht they noticed one cushion was missing. They forgot to secure it properly. A search party went out, but to no avail. Troubled by the pending doom the deckhands contacted X-Craft and asked for assistance. As always, X-Craft picked up the gauntlet without hesitation. A new cushion was made and an X-Craft employee boarded a plane with the new cushion as hand luggage. Upon landing he jumped in a taxi and hand delivered the new cushion with hours to spare before the owner came on board.

That’s the X-Craft way.



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Name:Joost Kaag
Tel:+31 229 218423

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