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SailBrasil is a sailing specific news information media respected by the nautical market and the sailing folks, which find in its pages a way to be informed through interviews, columns, features, comments, opinions and reports relevant to the sailing community.

SailBrasil mission is to be the number one resource for sailors interested in sailing in Brazil and between Brazil and South-Florida-USA.

With this portal, we hope to meet three needs common to every sailor:

1) Be updated with what happens in the world of sailing;

2) Get the information he needs to build, restore, maintain or improve his sailboat/ sailing;

3) Provide a unique place where recreational sailors can find the information and tips to cruise between Brazil and Florida-USA.



Rua Alvaro Rodrigues, 816
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo/ SP


Name:Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen

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