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The well known Leopard Brand has a heritage of the historical proportions. Giuseppe Picchiotti &amp Sons, was founded in 1907 and remaned Cantiere Navale Arno in 1935. The tradition of the Picchiotti family in the industry dates back to the 17th Century and it has never been interrupted. The Picchiotti family, with its 4th and 5th generation of experts are at the head of the Leopard shipyard today. A patrimony of tradition, knowledges and know how, together with the latest technology, Leopard yacht is one of the most innovative companies in yacthing industry today. When you purchase a Leopard, you are not only purchasing a yacht, you are acquiring a tradition that is constructed by our artisans by hand, and this knowledge has been passed down through generations from great grandfather to grandfather to father, and father to son and son to grandson and so on. What makes Leopard yachts so unique is taht each Leopard yacht is a masterpiece, and never are there two made exactly the same. The Leopard yachts are luxurious yachts equipped with the latest technology on board. Relying on a high quality standard they have hydro jet propulsion which allows better performances in safety conditions, minimizing noises and vibrations. The Leopard are planning yachts and their hulls are designed with a deep v which increase the stability of the yacht. From January 2008 a dedicated division has been set up to supply service, refit and warranty and to assist the Leopard fleet offering services like yacht management, crew management, fractional ownership, financial management, operational support, safety and security.



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