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Built on a strong belief in good proportion and harmonious design, Eduard Gray has built up a design studio that has captured the imaginations of automotive and marine enthusiasts from around the world.

We provide services for a large range of product types and clients where the focus is on innovative design and new thinking.
Our main focus is on revolutionary automotive and yacht design, combining daring aesthetics with timeless proportions and surface treatments. We have been involved in many international design projects including work in Monaco, Sweden, China and the USA.



Örnvägen 52
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Name:Eduard Gray
Tel:(0)705 185450

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Hydrafoil wins MYDA Award

The highly acclaimed Hydrafoil by Gray Design has won the Millennium Yacht Design Award 2018 at the Seatec Show in Italy. MYDA Winners Announcement

Press Release 09 Apr 2018

Hydrafoil Concept

Forged in the depths of innovation, from a blend of technology, style and speed, comes the Hydrafoil, a luxurious, high speed electric hydrofoil created to ushe…

Press Release 23 Jan 2018

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