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The fusion of craftsmanship and passion is the hallmark of all our furniture. Since its founding in 1960, Expormim has never stopped trusting the craftsmen who continue to transmit their knowledge from generation to generation. Their skills and know-how, acquired after years dedicated to this noble profession, are undoubtedly our greatest secret to keep producing unique and exclusive pieces of furniture.
Already three family generations have been managing the company. To the creative and enterprising character of its founder were subsequently added the investigative and innovative eagerness of his son and the will of modernization, change and commitment to the future of his grandchildren, currently at the helm of Expormim.
The enhancement of rattan and the development of highly technical outdoor collections in cooperation with renowned architects and designers such as Oscar Tusquets Blanca, Benedetta Tagliabue, Jaime Hayon, Manel Molina or Mario Ruiz are largely responsible for the increasing success of our products.
It is our decision and our essence to stick to our roots but go global, to combine tradition and innovation, to deliver beautifully hand-crafted products that fit in all contemporary spaces and always without losing a hint of authenticity. Our catalogues are made up of original pieces for indoor and outdoor use, committed to environmental sustainability, quality and good design. That is how they have quickly depart the intimacy of the household to be included in more and more contract projects, such as luxury hotels and restaurants, chic cafés and gastropubs and exclusive public and private events.
There is not a single day that goes by that we do not strive to improve. And true to these few but strong convictions we expect to be around at least for another half century.


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