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Foresti & Suardi are an Italian company based in Predore on the Bergamo side of Lake Iseo. Since 1961, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine accessories and interior fittings. With high regard for the traditional design, combined with continuous technical and quality research, Foresti & Suardi are one of the leading European companies in this sector. Our focus on customer needs and continuous research into new products is indicated by the wide variety of items illustrated in our comprehensive catalogue. Leafing through our catalogue is an innovative journey of interior and exterior nautical furnishing. From the old-style lamps to hi-tech chromed models, from rowlocks to the new generation of deck fillers. Be inspired by the traditional mechanical instruments - clocks, barometers and thermo-hygrometers - and impressed by the most modern weather station equipment. Our range of classic bells and user-friendly handles is extensive. In particular, our Research and Development Department is in daily contact with the technical managers of the most prestigious shipyards, enabling us to manufacture items aimed at the real needs of leisure boats owners. During many years of producing high quality marine hardware, we have used our expertise to manufacture interiors items too, where style and quality materials are of the utmost importance. Our new line of products is the STARLIGHT COLLECTION, a modern and innovative lighting line for interior and exterior use, designed to enhance luxury boats. Again, Foresti & Suardi is making a name for itself with a range of totally different products both from a technical and design viewpoint. Within this new collection is a range of lighting developed to a high quality specification, with no equivalent yet available from any other sources. You could find also the collection "Watertech", a new line of high quality taps with luxury design and the collection "Inox line" a new line of stainless steel hardware which will be certainly developed and completed in the next issue of the catalogue. Everything for the marine environment for more than 40 years.



Via Sarnico, 32/A
Predore (BG)


Name:Fenaroli Cristina
Tel:+39 035 93 80 66

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Where Italian craftsmanship meets passion

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