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The Global Superyacht Club – operate a number of sophisticated Owner-Membership programs for the use and enjoyment of luxury yachts, each program being an advanced form of fractional ownership aimed a particular type of Owner-Member. The GSC work in conjunction with official brand dealers for example, Azimut, Ferretti Group, Absolute etc to allow their respective brand networks of dealer to immediately implement their own revenue streams via an already operational program using the GSC infrastructure, for example a dealer or broker can be operational with their own program tailored to display particular brands and type of yachts within 24hours. The GSC also works with superyacht manufacturers such as Baglietto, Christensen etc. Thereon the GSC afford all global yacht brokers and dealers as “Ambassadors” to collectively sell Owner-Memberships and benefit from revenue streams – much the same way the global charter market works. The GSC provides all of the marketing, technical, web and brochureware support to seamlessly integrate the program offering into all Ambassadors current business models, whether they are a Broker, Designer, Manufacturer etc – all offerings are “non-competitive” and brand integrity is maintained. Think of the GSC (commercial side) as an administration and sales facility for all industry stakeholders to benefit from – whereas from an Owner-Members point of view – it is an extremely attractive way to use and enjoy yachts in one location or around the globe. All those interested in working with the Global Superyacht Club – whether a manufacturer, dealer, broker, designer or otherwise should contact Keith Smith of the GSC directly – +44 7788 581613


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