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• BIAS - Integrated Air Systems for boats of all sizes. Supplying all air needs (horns, doors, fenders, diving) from a central compressor (high/low pressure).

• TANKFILL – High Pressure Tankfill Compressors, NitroxMakersTM, TrioxMakerTM, Submarine Support, SCBA & SCUBA recharge stations.

• PUBLIC SAFETY – Race boat life support, Egressor Mini-SCUBA, Advanced PFD systems for Body Armor and Compact USCG Type 1/SOLAS Devices

• THIRD LUNG – since 1969, the world leader in surface supplied diving (recreational, new PWC dive kit). Built-in Boat Systems with EReelTM hose system and Brownie-in-a-Box.

We engineer, build, install and service complete air systems.


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