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Seawater was established as a company just over three years ago. Founded by partner and Managing Director Swann Usai, who has always seen RIBs as one of the most appealing and promising sectors of the shipbuilding business . His insight, teamed together with the skill and talent of his partner Maurizio Manca, a boat builder with over twenty years experience, gave rise to an endeavour that started almost by chance, as an experiment, but that is a now a solid reality with promising results and growth rates that a recently born company like Seawater has to work hard to keep up with. Seawater was recently joined by engineer and designer Gianluca Righi, whose contribution towards more up to date design and production methods and an engineering approach to work, allowed the creation of four new models in just under two years from the company’s opening. Three years have passed and Seawater can already boast the production of innovative and elegant Hypalon-Neoprene tubed RIBs, used in numerous roles such as work boats, day cruisers, maxi tenders and chase boats. The rapid growth phase is all but over and the company is about to inaugurate a brand new sales office and showroom in Olbia, Sardinia, together with a new production plant in Cagliari, Sardinia, which will see the start of a new project to produce maxi tenders upto 20 metres, for the ‘One-Off Super Tender’ company, using state of the art technology in GRP and composite materials.


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