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SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, based in Los Angeles California, has been designing and building small personal submarines for over 25 years and it has pioneered a long list of firsts in the manned submersible industry. The company produces 2 to 9 person models of its Auroras for depths ranging from 100 meters to 2500 meters.

Not all submarines on the market are the same and SEAmagine’s Aurora design takes a quantum leap in elevating the underwater experience owners gain from their sub. The focus is maximizing the passengers’ true field of views from inside the large spherical window, ensuring a comfortable and spacious seating interior, providing a unique and easy boarding configuration for people of all ages, and giving the vessel unmatched maneuvering agilities that allow up close viewing of the underwater scenery. The Aurora Submarines incorporate all these key features with a focus on elegance, style, and attention to details.

SEAmagine’s latest submarines are a culmination from its expertise that has seen over 12,000 dives accumulated on the company’s fleet with a perfect safety record and a recognized track record in reliability. SEAmagine has a solid reputation in providing dependable long-term technical support for its vessels worldwide and in assisting yacht captains and crews at delivering exceptional submarine experiences to their owners.



2133 Porterfield Way
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Name:Charles Kohnen
Tel:+1 (909) 626-6262

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