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Vistra Marine &amp Aviation can play an invaluable role in assisting with the acquisition and operation of yachts and aircraft, including establishing corporate structures designed to provide robust and efficient ownership solutions that cater for a wide spectrum of scenarios.

Once acquired, we can assist in the ongoing operational management, including day-to-day administration, accounting and employment matters. We recognise that maintaining strict control of running costs and ensuring full compliance with all regulatory and licensing requirements is now a key requirement for owners of such high value assets.&nbsp&nbsp



114 The Strand
GZR 1027


Name:Anthony Galea
Tel:+356 2258 6427

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Image for Developments relating to yacht leasing models in Malta

Developments relating to yacht leasing models in Malta

Anthony Galea and Alison Vassallo outline the pertinent developments in the application of new leasing models in Malta…


Image for Response to European Commission infringement procedures

Response to European Commission infringement procedures

Anthony Galea, managing director of Vistra, responds to the procedures levied by the EC against tax evasion…


Press releases

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Malta is well positioned in the central Mediterranean for yachts transiting east or west…

Press Release 01 Mar 2021

Commercial Yachts - Simplifying the process with Vistra Marine

C ha rt e r i n g a yacht is one of the best ways to become acquainted with superyachting. For prospective owners, it can also be an attractive way to r…

Press Release 01 Feb 2021

New Yacht Leasing Model in Malta

O n the 28 t h Feb r u a r y 2019 Malta published Guidelines that mark the introduction of a new Malta Yacht Leasing Model. The model is also a conseq…

Press Release 06 Jan 2021

Vistra Group acquire DF Marine Consultancy Limited

11th December 2015 – Vistra Group, one of the world’s leading corporate service providers of international incorporations, trust, fiduciary and fund administrat…

Press Release 04 Jan 2016

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