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The harbour of Šibenik was established in 1905 and earned reputation by servicing the state navy, and developed from a small workshop into a modern ship repair base. The shipyard celebrates the hundered-year anniversary of successful operation with new owners, Nautical Center Prgin, bringing new enthusiasm and prosperity to the shipyard and to the region of Middle Dalmatia. NCP Repair Shipyard has refited some of world's largest and most luxurious yachts with ease, more than 350 refits in four years.

To make our operations as fast and easy as possible, and in order to provide impeccable service to our clients, we have established a special super-yacht division with a team of project managers responsible for reffering requests and requirements of yacht owners to our experts in various NCP workshops. The variety of workshops and professionalism of our highly skilled inhouse employees, who aspire to perfection in their work, guarantee satisfaction with NCP Repair Shipyard.
We are specialised for overall refit of vessels up to 75 m in lenght, we're equipped and capable to manage every project, no metter what challenges it brings.


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