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Today, Soundown is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of engineered noise control materials for the marine industry. With a team of experienced noise control engineers and technicians, we offer assistance in choosing appropriate solutions and select products to solve noise and vibration problems. We interact daily with boat builders, naval architects, and boat owners to continually improve our products. Soundown materials can be found on boats of all shapes and sizes throughout the world: COMPLETE SOLUTIONS The wide range of components supplied by Soundown is a testament to our commitment to noise control.Over the years the number of products or Soundowns product line has expanded to cover the growing requirements of our customers to reduce noise and vibration. Our approach to product design and selection is solidly based on our professional engineering understanding of the science of noise and vibration, melded with years of practical experience dealing with the actual service requirements of our various customers.



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Name:Robert A. Bova
Tel:+1 978-745-7000

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