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Founded in 1986, DeAngelo Marine Exhaust started as a small fabrication shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 30 years later, we occupy two buildings in order to fill the increasing demand for state of the art marine exhaust systems and for the SeaClean®, our Soot Filtration System.

The facilities consist of 30,000 square feet housing all of administration, engineering, manufacturing, service and sales. DeAngelo Marine Exhaust has engineered exhaust systems for some of the finest builders in the world, both pleasure and commercial.

The engineering team at DeAngelo Marine Exhaust is ready to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. All of our aircraft quality welds are performed by hand by our “American Welding Society” certified fabricators and are conducted using TIG.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust is a global provider with a full service mobile repair fleet that can make on the spot, dockside repairs or do complete exhaust system removal and re-installation anywhere in the world.

When yacht captains, owners and boat yards need repairs, or a new exhaust or Soot Filtration System, they come to DeAngelo Marine Exhaust to add value to their vessels.



3330 SW 2 Avenue
Ft Lauderdale
FL 33315


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