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One of the youngest fleets in the industry, equipped with the most technologically advanced safety and navigational equipment available, and with more than 98% total barge fleet utilization.
Exemplary transit times, fuel-efficiency and environmental-attentiveness.
A company-owned shipyard, ensuring faster repairs, lower costs and less stress on the environment.
Vessels of superior construction, custom-built to meet our specific operating requirements and to ensure better durability under all kinds of conditions.
Rigorous crew training that exceeds industry regulations, striving for a goal of zero incidents and zero accidents.
Cameras installed on our vessels for added peace of mind for our customers and their cargoes.
A relentless pursuit of excellence to quickly and efficiently meet the specific needs of each customer.
Many vessels with the same design, so crews can move with confidence from boat to boat.
Employees strategically located across the country who are available 24/7 to meet our customers’ needs.
24/7 dispatch available to provide the most flexible fleet servicing for all major service lines.
Cost-efficient one-way transport.
Fuel efficiency that routinely saves our customers 300 to 400 gallons in the canal and 500 to 1,000 gallons on the river.
One of only two marine transport companies in the U.S. with a dedicated training facility that simulates weeks of life on the river to help determine who is qualified to be hired.
Frequent retraining and performance reviews of vessel employees at every level.
The longest-tenured captains in the industry.
Close to 1,000 employees, many of whom are long-timers with decades of marine transport experience.
Complete transparency of all operations, with an “open door” policy that welcomes customers to visit and inspect any aspect of our business at any time.
The pride of knowing that 100% of your transportation dollars are staying within the U.S.


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