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In 1948 Mario Piras, moved by his passion for sailing boats and by his experience acquired racing dragons he started to build dragons and various cruising boats ( in 1953 he became Italian champion in the dragon class).

In 1960, at the beginning of pleasure yachting in Sanremo, he designed and built a 150 ton floating dock capable of dry-docking vessel up to 30 mt.

1980 in expectation of major growth in the private yachting sector, Mario Piras designed and built the well-known PORTOSOLE marina in Sanremo and at the same time designed a 600 ton. Hydropneumatic yacht lift capable of dry-docking vessel, sail or motor up to 60 meters. This lift is still considered as the most advanced and safe dry-docking device worldwide.

Today partnered with his son Roberto, “Cantiere Navale Riviera” offer a high standard of services and maintenance to their clients and are capable of undertaking refitting on any yacht, dry-docked or afloat using all in own house facilities and workshops.


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