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On just two slipways, mainly wooden vessels up to 350t were built. Those included many types of vessels: sailing ships (trageti, leuti), cargo ships, fishing boats and yachts – all made of wood, for which this shipyard became famous. In the eighties of the 20th century, the Shipyard Punat was the biggest shipyard for constructing wooden vessels in Croatia. In time past mainly oriented to wood as a constructive material for shipbuilding, today the shipyard on its facilities, with employees and various subcontractors offers a refit and repair for all kind of working boats and large yachts up to 50 m length.

We apply the highest ecological standards as well as waste management techniques in our work,to ensure that the sea and environment remain clean for our enjoyment and for future generations. The Punat Shipyard bears the ISO 9001 certificate, and the certificates of many engine and equipment manufacturers, including the Croatian Register of Shipping.

All works are covered by a guarantee and a vessel repair insurance policy.


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