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Until the middle of the last century, there was no shipyard in Porto Santo Stefano. The maintenance and repair work of the boats was entirely entrusted to the work of the caulkers, who boasted a solid and ancient tradition in the Argentario. The first documented information in this regard dates back to between the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century.

In 1845, a small dock was built where the activity of caulkers, carpenters and shipwrights moved, and around the 1930s the slipways were built.

The actual CNA was born in October 1945, when the country still showed the wounds of the war. Once the workers gathered, the shipyard's activity began with the repair of the motor boats damaged by the war and with the construction from scratch of fishing boats that reinvigorated the local flotilla, decimated by the war.

The first fishing boat launched was the Mazzini , followed by the Ochetta , the Filippo Neri , the Isabella , the Vittorio , the Ferdinando Padre , the Marc'Antonio and many others. In 1957, with the tourist prospects opened, the Shipyard gave itself a new administrative organization and the activity was increasingly oriented towards pleasure boating. The old shipwrights handed down the craft to their "shop boys" and over the years, albeit in step with the times in terms of technology and materials, the shipyard has deliberately remained an artisan workshop, where carpenters, joiners and blacksmiths they work with passion, strong in the inherited tradition.


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