THE NETHERLANDS, Almere. Xtenders, the Dutch superyacht tender builder, has recently launched an innovative new 9.3m tender designed by Denis Popov to match the distinct looks of her 83.5m Feadship mothership.

The Xtender 9.3m Custom Limousine’s standout feature is that she has been created to suit the dual purposes of a luxury limousine and an open day boat in order to facilitate the full range of activities available to superyacht owners.

Despite the vessels length, the 9.3m tender had to be able to fit through a garage door that only has 1.65m clearance. In order to overcome this challenge, the Xtender 9.3 has been designed with two separately actuating roofs.

Limousine mode

At the touch of a button the two roofs are able to move into one of three different positions. Firstly, when both the coach roof and Bimini are raised the Xtender 9.3 functions as a traditional limousine tender, all be it with an additional deck. Using a concealed pantograph mechanism, the Bimini can raise itself above the aft portion of the vessel, revealing a tender with two open decks. Lastly, in order to fit into the garage, both roofs can be lowered into the hull, creating a total clearance height of 1.55m.

Loading the Xtender 9.3m

The vessel’s layout is defined by two key areas, the front limousine interior and open aft deck with adjustable seating. The limousine interior towards the bow features a 3m long U-shaped bench that can seat up to 12 guests and is equipped with climate control and multimedia systems.

Limousine interior

The aft deck is designed to be utilised as a multifunctional recreational platform for leisure and water activities. Two removable benches can be configured in three different setups, or removed entirely to maximise deck space. A fold down transom increases deck size and eases access to the water.  

Xtenders teamed up with Vripack and StrucTeam in order to reduce the weight of the vessel by 3.5 tonnes. The weight loss allowed the vessel to be configured using a single engine set-up, while maintaining a top speed of 39 knots.

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