Dutch yacht builder Vanquish Yachts has started the construction of two new superyacht tenders with a small hidden addition. The new VQ54 line has been designed to carry a fast Williams 285 Turbojet in its own transom tender garage, somewhat like the Russian doll of the superyacht market.

Designed by Guido de Groot with Studio Delta responsible for the naval architecture, the new 16.4m tender is based on the previous VQ48 model, and was unveiled the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show. Among all the innovative tender concepts brought to market, this is the first time a tender has had the ability to carry its own boat, which is a space saving solution in its own right.

“This two-boats-in-one design opens up a world of options for the owners,” says Tom Steentjes, CEO of Vanquish Yachts. “The Williams tender is ideal for wakeboarding in the open sea within safe reach of the VQ54. We also designed the door of the tender garage to open aft in order to facilitate easy departure and docking.” So although the additional tender may be small, it’s powerful enough to host a number of activities while the larger tender may be in use.

In addition to the tender garage, a number of specific requirements were given in the brief, including speeds exceeding 45 knots, manoeuvrability and the dryness of the tender. According to Vanquish, the tender ensures spray-free rides, even in rough seas and high winds, an imperative feature in tender design and one of the primary features owners tend to refer to.

While the boat is perfectly suited as a superyacht tender, it also has the capacity to host guests in its own right, with a double bedroom and fully working galley. There is also ample storage space on board the VQ54, facilitating substantial refrigerators and stowage for diving equipment and other toys.

Vanquish yachts has confirmed that the first of the two VQ54 tenders has been sold to a client based in Ibiza.

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