Following a recent custom commission, Turnstyle Designs have unveiled a textured metal addition to its more traditional finishes called the ‘Hammered’ range. Based in the west country, Turnstyle are one of the world’s foremost producers of design led architectural hardware.

Since launching in 1992, the privately owned British manufacturer has continued to stick to its values of providing excellent design, quality and service. Now, 24-years later, Turnstyle is one of the primary manufacturers of door handles for the superyacht market.

There is far more to the process than meets the eye; the way the handles operate and maintain their integrity is invaluable to the yacht, in fact, each handle is subjected to vigorous testing before it can be cleared for trade.

This new ‘Hammered’ technique is an age old practice, reproduced by the craftsmen at Turnstyle who hammer the surface by hand using specialised planishing hemmers in order to beat the pattern into the metal. The result is a lovely soft textured finish, which not only works faultlessly, but looks immaculate and intriguing.

As it’s the details which distinguish a good yacht from a great yacht, the importance of high quality architectural elements of all forms are essential. At Turnstyle, each piece is unique and may be combined with the very best leathers, Amalfine and metal to fit seamlessly with any design.

In the next issue of The Superyacht Report Justin Ratcliffe travels to the West country to find out more about the wonderful products at Turnstyle Designs.

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