A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to step on board The World, a private residential ship featuring 165 luxury homes, whilst it was briefly berthed in London. Margaret Rose, an Australian owner, opened her recently renovated residence to The Superyacht Owner, and the 2,500 foot space did not disappoint. The interior design, in particular, was exquisite, so it came as no surprise that it was largely inspired by Christian Liaigre, whose work I have admired on the likes of S/Y Seahawk and S/Y Rosehearty. “Liaigre furniture was perfect for this space,” Rose told me, as she showed me around the apartment. I loved it so much, I caught up with Guillaume Rolland, head of Liaigre's yacht design division a few days later, to ask him about the particulars of designing for floating homes.

Margaret Rose's apartment on board The World, featuring many pieces from Christian Liaigre.

What is your overriding design philosophy when it comes to designing for floating homes?
Basically a yacht is an object of extreme fluidity. An efficient hull is one that least disturbs the water when going through it. I try to apply this rule to the interiors: you must be able to move inside the boat without any aggression, such as encountering shapes that make you feel uncomfortable. Every detail should respect the ergonomics of the human body so the result is also an expression of fluidity.

I understand you are a lifelong sailor – how much does this give you an edge when it comes to superyacht design?
It really helps with the DNA of a project. The thrill of being on the water is universal, it's a feeling of freedom and rest. Whether you're on a smaller boat or a superyacht, that doesn't change.

Tell us about some of the most enjoyable yachting projects you’ve worked on.
They are all very exciting because you have to find creative solutions for each one. Every owner is different, with a strong personality.

More Christian Liaigre pieces on board The World

What are you working on right now?
We are designing a very sleek 58m motor yacht with Philippe Briand. The owner has a lot of yachting experience and is interested in every aspect of his yacht.

What hopes do you have for the future of the brand?
We are really keen on meeting owners who wish to develop 'tailor made' projects and who are aware that an efficient design means enjoying every minute on board.

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