We've made you wait long enough, but the wait is over. The first issue of The Crew Report to grace 2015 – issue 72 – is out now and available to download.

This issue sets the tone of professionalism for the year – one we will work hard to bring to each and every issue of 2015 – and looks particularly at career development. We hear from crewmembers – captains, engineers and chief stewardesses – who decided to leave life at sea and set up a business on land. Six superyacht captains also discuss mentoring on board: when it should begin and how captains should approach it.

Other captains readers will hear from in this issue include Captain Nick James of Dyna-R, who talks to us about his first experience as a build captain and struggles in the shipyard, Captain James Archer, who looks at the challenges of safe lifting practices and equipment, and a number of other captains explain how and why they use social media to promote their yacht for charter.

A first officer also takes a look at the increasingly popular trend of superyacht crew gaining Unlimited certification – the time, costs and different options available. The commercial sector is also touched upon in our Future Forecast with Lisa Morley, vice-president of sales and marketing at Maritime Professional Training (MPT), who discusses what it takes for crew to cross the commercial-superaycht barrier and how crew can find out to which they are better suited.

Captain Nick James tells us all about that Disney font on M/Y Dyna-R. Credit: Y.CO

In a year that has seen a lot of changes for superyacht crew, this issue also takes a look at one of the key forces of change – the Professional Yachting Association (PYA). We look profile the association and look at its achievements since its founding some 24 years ago and why crew could benefit from membership.

We investigate whether standards of dive training and operations are high enough for superyacht crew. Credit: Jonathan Fox Bassett

Also included is a column from a chief engineer about the patterns he noticed when he came into this industry from the commercial world with regards to the chopping and changing of crew. We previewed the piece online and it immediately got a range of responses from our readers, so we’re confident this piece will spark some exciting debate.
With no specific regulations pertaining to diving in the superyacht industry, we take a look at the standards of operations and question whether they are high enough, and we also offer crew advice on the best way to keep accounts on board in a way that will gain trust from your superiors.

Packed with opinions on the latest topics of discussion in the superyacht industry, this issue is a great way to start 2015. Click here to download issue 72 of The Crew Report. And don’t forget to tell us what you think! Send your comments to the editor at lulu@thesuperaychtgroup.com

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