US, Hillside. America-based custom furniture manufacturer Pollaro has completed a wall hanging, abstract motif for a tabletop, and a panel with a falcon motif nearing completion using hand laid eggshells. All three were inspired by the works of French metal smith Jean Dunand.

Pollaro's Dunand inspired wall hanging

The first of the three artworks is a lacquered wall hanging, measuring 124.4cm by 91.4cm, which was inspired by one of Dunand’s more famous abstract designs from the 1920s. The piece has been achieved using a combination of hand painted lacquers and hand laid eggshells, while the red lacquer has been created using pigmented cinnabar and iron oxide. 

Detail shot of the fish's head

It took Pollaro’s master craftsmen in excess of 700 hours to complete this meticulous piece of art, which has a filled and hand polished surface. 

Abstract motif for a tabletop

The eggshell technique was also used to achieve a circular motif in black and white for a tabletop.

“The eggshell technique became a specialty of Dunand’s Paris workshop and was very popular with his clients,” explains Frank Pollaro, founder of Pollaro. “To guarantee a steady supply of eggshells, Dunand maintained a chicken coop in the courtyard of his workshop.” There are many more options today and Pollaro’s supply of eggs comes from Whole Foods, eliminating the need to keep chickens.

Pollaro's new panel with a falcon motif nearing completion


Pollaro can create any custom artistic motif for a lacquered eggshell panel, screen, or piece of furniture, to exact client specifications. These pieces can be customised for art work and can be completed in different dimensions and colours.


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