Superyacht Operating Systems (SOS) has launched its TotalCompliance software program, which the company claims offers a comprehensive means of monitoring regulatory compliance.

The TotalCompliance program combines full lifecycle document management, automated notifications and reminders, online knowledge access with testing, questionnaires, irrefutable acceptance confirmation and real-time compliance visibility. Additionally, the free SOS document library can be fully customised to suit a yacht’s operational agenda.

The TotalCompliance system automatically tracks and records that documents are distributed, read and accepted by the appropriate crewmembers. Built-in reports provide management with clear, real-time metrics of all onboard compliance documents by department, crewmember or period.

The industry is awash with management software solutions, as highlighted in a recent article. However, this program has genuine appeal because it seeks to address one of the major issues currently impinging on commercial superyacht operation – a rapidly evolving, and heterogeneous regulatory landscape.


All too often the superyacht community bemoans rules that have been poorly interpreted, or have changed with little clarification or publication. Speaking exclusively to, SOS MD, Captain David Clarke said this real-time clarification was an important facet of the TotalCompliance program.

“The system is able to contain and display, at any time, the individual requirements of any country’s PSC”, he explained. “As for the fiscal requirements of commercial yachts, a captain or management company can add spreadsheet templates and VAT reporting guideline documents for any country the yacht is currently operating in.” and Clarke continues to add, “If any document requires updating because of a rule change shore side management can easily update the version of that document so only the latest version is displayed and able to be used by crew.” 

The problem most commonly voiced among captains and senior crew is that commercial operation is complicated by a veil of regulatory ambiguity; so what would help them most, is a system that informs them of what is required of them in real-time, without the need for them to research it themselves.

But Clarke highlights the fact that such an eventuality, with data altruistically provided by a central body such as Paris MoU, is unlikely. What his system does do however, is lessen what he has identified as the biggest single detriment to the development of the industry: compliance paperwork.

“ISPS, ISM, and lately, MLC might be easy acronyms to say but the amount of paperwork their practical application generates onboard is relentless…Captains and officers are overloaded with administration tasks. 

What superyachts need in reality, Clarke explains, is a system that allows them to be run efficiently and within the parameters of compliance.

“Our TotalCompliance software is designed to provide Captains and Officers on small and large yachts with a platform that strengthens their leadership and administration skills while reducing the paperwork and administration time. Crew want to see structure, organisation and good leadership no matter what size yacht they’re on and so do owners, so I say - let’s give it to them.”

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