The exhibition organised by the ARTSiO gallery in collaboration with Crystal Caviar, which has created art glass, sculptures and chandeliers for some the world’s largest superyachts, took place on the sea bed off Punta Negra, Mallorca. Marek Landa, founder of Crystal Glass, estimates the value of the glass pieces  by artist Vlastimil Beranek at over a million euros.

“Given their value and to make sure the operation went smoothly,” says Landa, “we first had to make tests in a swimming pool, which attracted rather a lot of attention!”

At shallow depths, the dappled light from the surface created reflections in the solid glass sculptures that accentuated the liquid qualities of the transparent material. 

Visitors to the submarine art show were able to use the PETER diving system, a multi-user system that supplies air from the surface for easy, safe diving without the need to carry compressed air tanks or buoyancy control devices. 

“The air supply floats on the surface and the diver has a hose that allows him to go down to around five metres meters,” says Landa. “ It’s an amazing system because even children and people without proper training or certificates can dive. I’m buying one for my family so we can dive all of us together.

The 5-day event served as a pilot scheme for a major exhibition at the new ARTSiO gallery in the Czech Republic, but the plan is have a permanent underwater exhibition in the lagoon in front of Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace.


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