Stabia Main Port and Esther III (right)

How did you hear about the services offered at Stabia Main Port?

I was informed by Luise Associates in Naples.

Why did you decided to use the port?
It was very easy to dock in any weather situation.

How long did you stay?
We have been twice, both for three days.

How easy were your dealings with the port and the team?
They are fantastic people. Very friendly and ready to help the crew with any of their needs.

What was the experience like when you got there?
Everyone was very helpful, for both the yacht’s needs and guests’ needs, too.

What was the experience like for you and the rest of the crew on board, such as local amenities and on-site facilities?
We were with guests and the owner, who they visit Pompeii.  Some guests arrived in the Naples airport and the location of the port is close to both.

Would you recommend it to a colleague and would you go again?
Yes, I recommend Stabia Main Port to any other superyacht and I will be back for sure.

Are there any changes you would recommend?
I know the area very well after 40 years in this job and 2,647 days of charter. The team at Stabia Main Port really did a miracle.

Esther III

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