Signature Chair

DENMARK, Copenhagen. Carl Hansen & Son, the Danish furniture specialist, has resurrected Frits Henningsen’s seminal work, his 1954 Signature Chair. Not only is the Signature Chair one of Henningsen’s most recognisable works, it was also his last and represents the culmination of an illustrious, though exclusive career in furniture design and manufacturing - fewer than 20 pieces were ever created

Henningsen (1889-1965) was renowned for his rigorous dedication to quality through labour-intensive traditional processes. All of his designs were produced from small conceptual models. The Signature Chair, for example, was originally crafted as a miniature plasticine model with toothpicks for legs.

Inspired by the modernism of his time, Henningsen’s work became noticeably more minimalist, reducing mass and simplifying products essential lines. The Signature Chair symbolises the climax of Henneingsen’s design journey. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, who cared less for natural curves, preferring the sharp lines of the new age, Henningsen remained steadfast in his love for organic lines and the grace and comfort they delivered.

“Our work with Frits Henningsen, and later with his family, has been ongoing for many years, and the recreation of the Signature Chair is a continuation of this partnership,” explains Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son. “This is the chair that put the finishing touch to Frits Henningsen’s lifework and consummated his legacy as one of Denmark’s greatest furniture designers.”

“With its very simple design, the Signature Chair tells the story of a cabinetmaker who was uncompromising and perfectionist in his choice of materials and execution,” Hansen concludes.

Carl Hansen & Son’s reproduction of the Signature Chair is available with a solid oak or walnut frame with a number of different finishes and a variety of leather and fabric upholstery.

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