With the programme for this year’s edition of The Superyacht Design Forum now live, we look into a selection of sessions taking place at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, from 25th – 26th June.

Providing an insight into a new way of thinking, our morning sessions will see architects and designers external to the superyacht industry debate the structure and finishes of a superyacht, while looking at alternative ways these factors can be executed to maximise the overall owner/guest experience. Delegates will be presented with need-to-know materials of the future, and streamlined design processes which have not yet been tried or tested by the superyacht design world, provoking creative discussions between industries.

Our first day will also see delegates and hand-selected speakers endeavour to ‘discover the YETI’, through an interactive think tank which will explore whether our industry can find a finite way of measuring the efficiency of superyachts.

Continuing the ever-important topic of efficiency, many of the workshops taking place over the 48-hour event will delve into the sustainability of the superyacht industry, through a comprehensive insight into existing initiatives that superyachts can partake in, as well as initiatives outside of the superyacht industry that could be implemented on board with the right approach and external guidance.

Within our latest issue of The Superyacht Captains Report, available here, we asked superyacht captains if they agree that designers fully grasp the nuances of life on board, and which areas of the superyacht they feel would benefit from a redesign. Further to an influx of responses repeatedly featuring concerns about crew, we have also included a dedicated workshop considering how difficult life is on board for crew, and how designers can play a pertinent role in ensuring the crew are recognised as an important factor of the overall design.

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