For a company with a 30-year history, it certainly feels like Scanstrut has a youthful outlook. Originally it began by producing big mounts for antennas and sat domes, but times change and Scanstrut is changing with the times. A look at the recent additions to the company’s product line-up confirms that – there’s the ROKK range of sturdy, multi-axis, quick release mounts for a whole range of electronic devices, from GoPro cameras to tablets, fish finders and other electronics. Even more recently, Scanstrut unveiled the world’s first waterproof dual USB charger socket (below).

The socket is rated to IPX4 waterproof with the cover closed, even with two USB charger cables plugged in. Mounted in the console of a tender, it’s not hard to see the benefits that such a unit could provide for owners and for crew alike. “Traditionally you might have a cigarette lighter socket with a little flap,” explains Georgia White, Scanstrut’s marketing manager. “Our USB socket is waterproof in use and has multiple USB sockets.” The socket is affixed using a standard barrel diameter hole in the console, and can take from 6V to 30V DC input voltage. Output is 5V. The socket would be ideally paired with Scanstrut’s Lifedge charging and sync cable, which the company says is the world’s first waterproof USB cable. The rugged design is coupled to a handy 6.5ft cable length.

The rest of the Scanstrut range also hints at mobility and could also be of interest for your yacht tender. The ROKK range (below) comes with a series of different bases, from screw-down fixing and rail clamps to adhesive pad mounting, and with a series of different ball heads for different types or sizes of equipment it would be easy to mount a camera on the rail, or perhaps an iPad to the dash if you use portable nav software.

The innovations aren’t stopping here, though. “We’re always designing new products and looking to the next stage,” says White. “We’re also developing a suction cup base for the ROKK range so devices could be mounted on glass. We’re a small company so we’re not overly ambitious in terms of the number of products we’re looking to launch.” Indeed, the focus appears to be firmly on innovation, quality and usability over quantity – and that sounds like a perfect match for the superyacht industry.

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