The Space Saving Chair is the latest piece to come from the Gosling Marine carbon fibre furniture collection, which is one of two principal collections from the London-based furniture designer. Designed by Gosling’s Phil Sturdy, the initial idea was to preserve as much of the yachts space as possible without losing design integrity.

In keeping with the rest of the range, the ‘space saving’ chair is handcrafted in carbon fibre with a design inspired by the Art Deco movement, but with a contemporary appeal. The chair is finished with teak, complimenting exterior deck spaces and making it the ideal outdoor dining chair. The Low Backed Carver dining chair, which is equally Art Deco inspired and teak finished provides a complimentary item to the Space Saving Chair, with a similar design, but a more vertical backrest.

The white carbon fibre and teak combination is the most prominent theme across the entire Gosling Marine collection, which includes an array of tables and seating for both the interior and exterior of the yacht. The synergy of the two materials not only complement each other, but provide an exceptional strength and resilience to each piece of furniture.

Traditional cabinet making techniques are combined with state of the art engineering, to bring the concept to reality. Gosling’s highly skilled craftsmen use an advanced bonding technique in order to integrate the wood with the moulded carbon fibre. The chair is available with either a walnut or teak trim and works best with the Sunbrella upholstered back and seat cushions for extra comfort.


The lightweight chair is also easy to stow due to its shape and weight, which is one of the elements designed specifically for racing yachts and their owners.


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