Fastmount has announced its purpose-built clip for cushions in the interior and on the exterior of superyachts, as an alternative solution to ‘hook and loop’ or metal button fixings traditionally used to attach soft furnishings to various superyacht spaces.

The solution, which is of most benefit to crew, speeds up the process of removing and adding upholstery, necessary to avoid wear and tear as a result of the weather. Yet crew will often find themselves removing and replenishing seat cushions multiple times each day, particularly during bad weather when a seat cover is not sufficient; and each time they do this, they must check each individual cushion to ensure correct placement and appearance, not to mention when an owner or guest moves and distorts them. All of this not only adds to the wear and tear of the expensive upholstery, it takes up much of the crewmembers’ valuable time while guests are on board.

“We have designed something that is easy to remove and easy to replace perfectly, something that is important when setting up deck space,” explains Maxine Kelly, communications at Fastmount and ex-superyacht stewardess. “With our clip, a gentle push and click locks cushions in place, and a press of a button releases them instantly. Crew can set out and pack down fast.”

The TC-F6

The TC-F6 and the TCR-R6

The TC-M6

The clip, The Textile Range TC-06, locks together via two parts: Fastmount’s TC-F6, which is sewn onto the cushions, and the TC-M6, screwed onto the deck moulding, and the cushion can be released by the simple press of a button; and made of UV-resistance proprietary nylon blend plastic, the TC-06 should avoid corrosion on deck.

Another benefit for crew is the ease at which the clip can be released with its flexible removal tool, avoiding problems or pain when crewmembers have cold and/or wet hands. And when those hands are wet and cold, at least the crew doesn’t have to worry about the cushions blowing away, with the clip’s 10kg break-out load.

Fastmount’s Textile Range TC-06 can be installed during a maintenance or refit period, and, of course, in the build stage.

“We have yet to see a purpose-built solution for this area,” says Kelly, “and we think we have cracked it.”


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