UK, Shrewsbury. The Supermarine 36 Thunderbolt is a concept that was borne of a conversation between Andrew Trujillo and the director of Ross-Smith Marine, Rod Ross-Smith. She is an 11m tender inspired by the classic fast-runabout boats that emerged in the USA from the shadows of the First World War. Built for racing and often incorporating decommissioned aero engines, these boats objectified speed and pleasure. At the cessation of the Second World War a new type of boat rose to prominence. Beautiful and inspiring as they were, the wooden runabouts of Chris Craft and Riva seemed to “lose the original concept of the very fast pleasure craft somewhere along the way”, comments Andrew Trujillo.

Adapted and modernised by Andrew Trujillo Design and Adam Younger Design, the Thunderbolt will be built by Ross-Smith Marine and accommodate the essence of the fast pleasure craft, but vastly improve the technical and luxury elements to accommodate the expectations of a modern tender. “I chose to reconnect with that original concept and Ross-Smith Marine with their long established connection with Adam Younger designed hulls seemed perfect”, explains Andrew Trujillo.

Based on a tried and tested Ross-Smith Marine and Adam Younger 11m stepped hull, the Thunderbolt is a raw blend of retro and contemporary, culminating in a high-speed, 70mph luxury tender that has the capacity to both thrill and relax. “The hull form is a progressive triple step for a combination of performance and handling with multiple spray rails that create a double chine effect,” elaborates Adam Younger. “A prototype hull has been created and we are pleased to say that this combination has produced a number of additional benefits, such as; improved speed to plain, high levels of economy and higher cruising speeds.”

The Supermarine 36 Thunderbolt

While the visual aspects of the tender stay very much true to the runabouts that inspired her, modern composite production techniques and resins allow the design to be aesthetically superior as well as more efficient. To highlight the fine balance between retrospection and modernity the lines have been kept clean and uncluttered.

Storeable tables

Her deck fittings will be flush, as is highlighted by the position of the sun loungers and the deck itself will be completed in a glossy timber finish that mimics the style of post-war maritime recreation. Small metal details, such as the engine intakes and vents will be made of polished stainless steel.

Interior layout

Although she is designed to be swift, the Thunderbolt is also made to be customisable and comfortable. The upholstery can be selected from a number of marine grade leathers and suedes that come in a variety of colours. Ample seating and storage, a refrigerator, freezer, BBQ and two storable tables ensure there is plenty of space and equipment to entertain freely.

V birth

The interior is comprised of a V birth that can be easily converted into a double bed. Overhead cubbyholes and a full-length wardrobe provide storage and LCD dimming panoramic windows and sky light provide uninterrupted views. Her head features a carbon fibre toilet and shower, whilst her galley can be modified to include a hob, extractor, custom storage and an additional refrigerator.

Andrew Trujillo Design
Adam Younger Design
Ross-Smith Marine

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