For the last 22 years, Italian furniture designer Paola Lenti has strived to create the perfect contemporary exterior furniture using a synthesis of traditional and technological manufacturing techniques. The distinctly designed pieces are now making their way onto a number of superyachts and transforming exterior styling with the Paola Lenti’s trademark colour schemes and textures.

AMI Chair | Photo: Sergio Chimenti

There are a number of operational and manufacturing philosophies that suffuse the Italian brand’s working strategy, including a coherent social responsibility scheme and substantial emphasis on the organisation’s research, development and experimentation department. Paola Lenti’s dedication to all things contemporary is plain to see, the very essence of the furniture screams modernity, which is in stark contrast to a number the traditional techniques and processes used throughout.

Orlando seating | Photo: Sergio Chimenti

In addition to its conceptual values, the company prides itself on the study of yarns. As a continuous process, the quality and performance of the materials used in the furniture is examined to ensure that only the most exceptional upholstery is used. As a direct result of this research, examination and experimentation Paola Lenti can now produce exterior furniture, which is resistant to atmospheric agents.

M/Y Stella Maris | Photo: Beppe Raso

Just a selection of Paola Lenti’s previous superyacht features include M/Y SL106 with the Cove and Sabi collection, M/Y Stella Maris with the Frame collection and M/Y Genesi with the Orlando collection. And in true Paola Lenti flair transforms the exterior styling with the bold inserts of colour in all three of these vessels.

M/Y Genesi | Photo: Jeff Brown

The Paola Lenti collection will feature at the 2016 edition of the Monaco yacht show in the upper deck VIP lounge


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