Northern Lights Inc. (NLI) has launched its new hybrid marine solution at FLIBS. The system is an integration of NLI’s high-performance Lugger propulsion engines with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive Propulsion System.
Although in service in over 3,500 applications worldwide, these are in reference to large commercial vessels. The hybrid marine solution from NLI will be the first time a company has applied the BAE system to superyachts.
Scott Putnicki, marketing manager, said:
"To date, it has been a diesel electric solution for large vessels. But the need to pursue a greener environment for pleasure yachts is the reason for BAE’s step down into the smaller size generator applications."
The system uses a Propulsion Control System (PCS) to efficiently direct power produced from the electric generator for immediate use, or holds it in the Energy Storage System (ESS) to provide clean, quiet power without the engine, while the propulsion motor provides power to the prop. The system can be customised to fit a ‘myriad of marine applications’.

NLI's Lugger Marine propulsion engine
“The entire package is designed to be clean, quiet and environmentally responsible,” said NLI Vice President, Mike Maynard. “Our hybrid-marine solution eliminates wet stacking and will reduce both energy waste and fuel costs.”
As its components are fully scalable, NLI say its hybrid-marine system provides greater flexibility in engine room layout than currently available. It can run as a standard electric propulsion system, or it can be configured into an auxiliary power kit to provide the yacht's AC power without the waste and pollution associated with underloading.

Components for the NLI hybrid-marine system are being displayed, with interactive video, at FLIBS, booth 750 the Yacht Designers’ Tent.

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