Renowned leather specialist Whistler Leather has added to its wide range of products by introducing painting and embroidery. The London-based company, that has previously worked with a number of the leading superyacht designers, such as H2 Yacht design, has collaborated with two British artists to launch two new ranges.

Victoria Bain Embroidered Textiles is the studio behind Whistler Leather’s embellishment. There are four elements of this new range; Geometrics, Florals, Trellis and Monograms.

The collection is displayed in three original colour palettes which can be applied across all four of the patterns above; colourful, neutral and dark charcoal metallic.

Victoria Bain comments: “We noticed an increasing demand for leather embellishment in our top end interiors and have long admired what Whistler does; great product quality with a fabulous colour range.

“I am inspired by what I see around me, which at the moment is strong use of geometrics. The stunning painted wooden carvings in the Chinese room at Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, led me explore eighteenth century furniture influenced by the chinoiserie period, fretwork and the garden trellis,” she adds.

With her knowledge or traditional embroidery stich, Victoria Bain’s embroidered leather is a blend of classical technique and modern technology. As a result, a variety of specialist stiches and yarns are used, including matt poly threads, viscose, high sheen threads and twisted metallic threads, which in turn create a luxurious finish.

With a durable flat surface and excellent colourfastness, Whistler Leather’s new products hold their embroidery very well with a robustness that can withstand life on board a superyacht.

London-based street artist Carolina Maggio contributes to the second collaboration. Celebrated as a muralist, she has created a series of experimental artworks on leather panels and on the wall of her studio’s installation at Chelsea Harbour.

"Painting on leather was a very new experience for me,” comments Maggio. “There is something almost mystical about it; painting on something that was alive. I feel deeply honoured and almost reverent; whereas when I paint on a canvas or a wall, it is just another surface. Leather is precious, something that we are very lucky to have and we must use it in a conscientious way."

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