Parisian design studio Mub Design has unveiled two new superyacht concepts based on the same 120m hull configuration. The new shapely designs have been inspired by what has been described by the studio as an “exhaustive study of nature,” which lends credence to rocky strata and the animal kingdom. Speaking with SuperyachtNews Mahjoub Mub, founder of Mub Design Studio, discusses the new designs and shares some of his views on the current scope of conceptual design.

Mub Design has created a number of superyacht concepts to date utilising a range of different hull configurations with mostly dark colour schemes, which appears to have become a bit of studio trademark. However, Mub’s new concepts, Rorqual (pictured first) and its sister ship, 120m Stratum (Slider), have moved away slightly from this dark exterior, although the inspiration seems to derive form the same place.

Stratum is a new project that is also inspired by nature, in this case rocky strata and rice paddies,” says Mub. “The strata element is a feature that I regularly use in my design especially in one of my first concepts, 83m Crescendo, with a beach club all strata up to the sky deck. These strata are then the basis of the entire superstructure.”

"Today, many projects are unfounded and created only to make a style where the foundations of a project are disregarded."

- Mahjoub Mub

120m Rorqual also conforms to Mub’s ‘study of nature’. Having been inspired by the baleen whale, rorqual is the name given to the largest group of baleen whales. “The yacht takes very long and sleek forms and the narrow, v-shaped superstructure follows the hull on both sides,” says Mub “The work of curves smooth and purified and for that I turned towards the whale, one of the largest marine animals in the world. Imposing by its size but with an undeniable elegance, the master of the seas.” As illustrated in the renderings, both projects have been designed with a large amount of exterior space over all four of the yachts’ decks.

The current scope of conceptual design is an interesting one, with so many designs on the market and new ones unveiled on almost a weekly basis, it has never been so important to differentiate, yet not just with something that has been created for the sake of it. “Today, many projects are unfounded and created only to make a style where the foundations of a project are disregarded,” Mub concludes. “A project without history or foundation is not really of interest and just doing a design for the sake of it, it doesn’t make sense.”

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