London-based interior design firm Morpheus London has teamed up with American yacht builder Hodgdon Yachts to create a new limited edition 10.5m luxurious limousine tender. Having worked on numerous international luxury residential projects for over 20 years, the London design studio has made its transition into the maritime industry.

Yet for Morpheus head of design, Alex Isaac, the field of yacht design is nothing new, with his previous role at leading yacht designer Jon Bannenberg. As a result, much of his inspiration for residential projects derives from the yacht market, a style which he incorporates into most Morpheus projects, along with the key trends he sees emerging across residential projects.

According to the studio, it was decided that the project will be taken after identifying “a growing synergy between residential interiors and those of luxury yachts, highlighting an increasing demand for high quality interior design within the yachting sector.” Therefore, the decision to blend Isaac’s passion for the field and this residential and yachting design ‘synergy’ was almost an inevitable occurrence.

“Morpheus is very eager to continue to explore the yacht market in the near future," says Isaac. "Whilst high-end residential and hospitality projects will always remain our core focus, we operate in international locations for clients who have an involvement in yachting, and so this shared interest in bespoke and good quality design means inevitably we have the opportunity to undertake yacht design projects and indeed have the capability to do so. “

Named Ostrea, the 10.5m tender takes its inspiration from the relationship between the oyster and pearl, where a number of the design features replicate the curved edges and pearly white colour scheme of the inside of an oyster shell, such as the seats, which have been designed with scalloped leather trimming and embellishments.

But while the stylistic elements to the tender are imperative to the concept, Morpheus London has highlighted it’s the detailing of the practical considerations that enhance the clients’ comfort on board. Ostrea has particularly deep seats to ensure both comfort and security, as well as the many champagne glass holders and refreshment hampers fitted in the tender.

Much like a lot of superyacht design inspirations, the exterior of the yacht has been inspired by the automotive industry, thus features a streamlined exterior with the use of leather and chrome detailing.



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