UK, Powys. The latest piece to come from marquetry specialists Aryma is Luminaire, designed and crafted by Hannah Gage. Featured on the front cover of SuperyachtDesign Q19, the panel combines eight different veneers and five types of exotic shell, including mother-of-pearl.

“Although the fragile nature of mother-of-pearl makes it a challenge to work with, the hidden tones and colours of pink and green, which change in different light, also make it one of the most appealing materials to use,” says Gage. “It lends each inlay its own unique character.”

Hannah Gage

Recognising that this decorative technique originates from the 16th century if not earlier, Aryma has championed the relationship between traditional craftsmanship and modern design. It is therefore no surprise that Luminaire was inspired by 21st century architecture. The design explores the relationship between light and the organisation of space, represented by the undulating surfaces and loose, geometric patterns that create a sense of movement. Different elements of the pattern come to life depending on viewpoint and lighting.

“Hannah has managed to bring to life a forward-looking design using lavish materials in a contemporary medium,” says managing director at Aryma, Howard Sansome. “The result is a bright, jewel-like and tactile piece with a stunning level of visual depth. This design is intended to extend to large scale wall paneling in response to the new mood of glamour and opulence.”

Work in progress on Luminaire

In addition to the black Tahitian, white Australian and gold lip mother-of-pearls, Luminaire features green abalone and blue New Zealand abalone. This is complimented by bog oak, silver ripple sycamore, dyed grey ash, grey walnut, American walnut, dark grey silky oak, bolivar and holly.

Taking six weeks to complete from conception, this latest piece is another example of the complex and detailed work created by Gage, who was shortlisted for the Surface Design Awards for her work called Reflective of Nature in 2013.

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