Austrian interior outfitter List General Contractor, has announced the opening of its new furnishing production facility following a nine million Euro investment. Spurred by the restructuring of the company in 2014, the outfitter of luxury superyachts now has a total of 14,000 square meters of space and the ability to complete the entire chain of production in one location. SuperyachtNews spoke to the two managing directors, Theresa Ludwiger-List and Josef Payerhofer about the new furnishing production facility and how it affects the company as a whole.

Established in 1950, the family owned company has spent the past 20 years specialising in project development within the yacht new build and refit industry as well as the luxury residential outfitting sector. In 2014, the decision was made to create a more streamlined process.

After the project planning phase in 2015, construction of the new production site officially began in May 2016. Three of the existing buildings were adapted and an additional facility measuring 2,300 square meters was built. Just one year later, List GC counts a total area of 14,000 square meters which includes 9,000 square meters of production and logistic facilities as well as 2,700 square meters of office and exhibition space.

“In 2016, we began to construct our new furnishing production facility to bring together all processes along the entire value chain under one roof – and with one management team,” said Ludwiger-List and Payerhofer. “Due to the streamlined processes we are setting the next step for our company’s future. When every part of the supply chain comes from a single source, we can approach our customers' needs in a more flexible, and more efficient way – something which is incredibly important in this sector.”

“The investment volume amounts to around nine million Euros. But, it was not just us who trusted in this progress – we also received support from the state and the region.” The two managing directors emphasise the importance of involving the region into the development of the facility. “We made the right decision when we chose where to establish the facilities.” The general contractor is located in the municipality of Bad Erlach, approximately 50 kilometers south of the Austrian capital city of Vienna.

Having officially opened its doors in June 2017, the new facility started with the production of furnishings, such as high-quality furniture, ceilings and wall panels. Due to the integration of the whole workforce under one roof, jobs were created and diversified – and the company has grown as a result. “Within the past two years, our staff has increased from 95 to 165 employees, thus rising by 60 per cent. New recruits include craftsmen such as carpenters, painters, surface technicians, upholsterers and production engineers,” explain Ludwiger-List and Payerhofer.

List GC currently has eight new-built projects under construction and many refits underway and plans to expand the activities within the refitting and residential industries in the future.


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