Issue 74 of The Crew Report is out now, on its way to yachts and crews all over the world, and is available to download.

Our Late Summer issue takes a closer look at the more personable side of captains. We ask captains how they find the balance between being ‘one of the guys’ and maintaining a level of respect with their crew, and interview 28-year-old Captain Laurent Bliekast, of Heliad II, about climbing the career ladder at such a young age. Other captain interviews include Captain Jon Livingston of sailing yacht Marie, and Captain Frank Ficken of sailing yacht Marae. One captain also shares this thoughts on rotation in our captain’s column, while Captain Ian Bone of the Yacht Captains Association takes a look at how the industry is evolving and what captains need to do to keep up with these changes.

We also take a closer look at crew finances. Patrick Maflin of Marine Accounts looks at the fear-factor surrounding offshore banking and explains the best options available to crew, while the team behind Horizons financial solutions offers advice to crew on saving their money from the start of their career to ensure a comfortable and easy exit strategy when it’s time to leave the industry. Chef Manny Slomovits of motoryacht Legend also takes a look at cash flow in the galley, and explains why, especially in the galley, buying cheap means buying twice, and how chefs can and should convince owners to look at their galley as a long-term asset.

Captain Frank Ficken talks to Bryony McCabe about the Corinthian spirit of sailing on board Marae. Credit: Jeff Brown.

The financial discussion merges with our focus on captains in one article where we hear from brokers about what they need from captains in the sales process, with a view to improve the service offered by both broker and captain to the owner.

As ever, recruitment is a key discussion in The Crew Report. We look at the increasing use of psychometric testing in the recruitment of superyacht crew, and speak to those recruitment agents using it and those captains who have been subject to it about how it fits into this industry. Laurence Lewis, director of YPI Crew also takes a look at best practices of recruitment protocols and how to deal with getting a mound of CVs versus a few thoroughly-researched ones some days later. 

Captain Jim Livingston of S/Y Marie discusses the type of crew S/Y Marie attracts

We also go to the shipyard and ask the question: does maintaining a yacht’s technical drawings improve the efficiency of the refit process?

From the shipyard we move to the tender garage, and Martin H. Redmayne looks at the problematic process of guest deployment to and from tenders and asks crew to come forward with constructive solutions.

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