Aston Martin (image by Tom J Powell)

UK, London. Issue 24 of SuperyachtDesign, the show season edition, will be looking at the best and newest offerings and collaborations from the second quarter of 2015 in time for the industry at large converging on Monaco. We speak to Marek Reichman, chief creative officer and design director at Aston Martin, about the new AM37 tender, we also speak to Hoek Design Naval Architects’s founder Andre Hoek ahead of the studios 30th anniversary and many more.

SuperyachtDesign Issue 24

“To solve is to enjoy,” begins Reichman, clarifying the delight he finds in multidisciplinary design. “With new challenges and problems to solve, working in a different field is absolutely great for any designer.” Reichman is referring to Aston Martin’s foray, in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design, into the world of superyacht tenders. The AM37 will be on show in Monaco for all to see and in this issue Reichman talks of the similarities and differences between the disciplines of automotive and naval design and architecture.

Andre Hoek (image by Andrew Johansson)

In comparison to Aston Martin, the relative industry newcomers, Hoek Design Naval Architects is a stalwart of the superyacht community and to date it has delivered some 75 superyacht projects. We speak to Andre Hoek and managing partner Ruurt Meulmans about the spark necessary to produce lasting passion, the hard work and systems in place to ensure creativity becomes reality and some new “radical” concepts to be presented at Monaco.

Superyacht owners are increasingly keen to engage in regattas; once only the remit of the purists, regattas have wooed the modern owner with the beauty of their vessels and the thrill of the race. In Design Debate racing yacht specialists such as Philippe Briand and Ed Dubois explore how the new ORC Superyacht Rule (ORCsy) will affect superyacht handicapping and the knock on effect it will have for design.

Peter Mikic (image by Andrew Johansson)

In Domus Design, we interview Australian fashionista turned interior design “maverick” Peter Mikic. Mikic is renowned for his masculine style, eclectic taste and his penchant for mid-century antiques and contemporary art. Recently Mikic has been commissioned by a “passionate owner” to restore the interior of a 1930s superyacht to its former glory. Mikic discusses his experience with the superyacht industry and a number of his previous projects, including Feadship’s 53m Elisabeth F (now Mirage).

Mauro Pellegrino, founder of Videoworks (image by Justin Ratcliffe)

To reach design success requires more than just passion and creativity, we talk to Videoworks, Italy’s leading superaycht audio-visual specialist, about its history and proposed expansion into northern Europe. “We’ve selected three leading shipyards in Holland that will be the focus of our efforts to establish relations with yacht builders in northern Europe,” explains communication and marketing manager Sara Stimilli. Videoworks has also opened shop in Mayfair, London to foster relationships with designers and architects. In Business II also explores McMullen & Wing’s internationally collaborative attempt to create the world’s most capable exploration vessel.

Heirlooms' production facilities

From humble beginnings on England’s south coast in 1984, Heirlooms now holds a Royal Warrant for both the Queen and the Prince of Wales. In Artisan SuperyachtDesign finds out what it takes to recurrently please the world’s most discerning clientele. ‘To make the finest bed, table and bathroom linens,’ is Heirlooms simple mantra and to ensure consistent quality they have developed a supply chain of the world’s premium fabric producers.

Designer draw-off at SuperyachtDESIGN Week (image by Andrew Johansson)

Issue 24 also includes reviews of 2015’s SuperyachtDESIGN Week and Fuorisalone as well as a collection of products with innovative new surfaces and finishes and a multitude of the finest conceptual designs from around the world.

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