Invictus 280TT

ITALY, Borgia. Following the launch of the Invictus 280GT at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2015, Invictus Yachts has developed its well received product into a tender suitable for superyacht usage. The Invictus 280TT showcases the same essential DNA as the 280GT but features some minor developments that increase its practical uses as a means of transport, as opposed to a standalone vessel.

Invictus 280GT

The 280TT has the same semi-reverse bow found on the GT series, however, the bow portion of the TT is rather different to that of its GT predecessors. On the GT model the bow is entirely dedicated to a sunbathing platform, with a spacious cabin below deck for guests to rest or avoid the elements.

By contrast the TT has no such platform or large cabin area. By utilising the excess cabin space Invictus has created a U-shaped settee that runs along the length of both sides of the bow section, making it possible to transport a number of guests to and from the mothership. However, she is still equipped with an ample head, complete with shower and toilet. The passageway to the washroom is found beneath the dashboard.  

Permanent fenders blend into the hull form, looking as much stylistic as practical. The addition of the permanent fenders provides some peace of mind when manoeuvring in tight areas or around the mothership in, especially in less than favourable weather conditions, as well as forming an eye catching design element.

Rotating backrest

The helm is located amidships and is equipped with a twin ergonomic seat mounted on the forward portion of the central housing. The housing comes with a stovetop, refrigerator and cabinets – a small outdoor kitchen. A rotating backrest found to the aft of the vessel enlarges the sunbathing cushion, found above the engine, when activated.

The 280TT model is 8.9m long with a 2.84m beam and is able to carry eight guests. She is equipped with a Volvo 5.7 V8 inboard/outboard, giving her a maximum speed of 38 knots.

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