At METSTRADE 2015 Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS Holland) introduced the maritime community to its innovative MagnusMaster system, and it was this system that captured the attention of the 2016 HISWA press tour delegation.


Having begun operations in 2012 as a distributor for RotorSwing and an in-house developer, DMS Holland has since ceased the distribution of rival products and developed its own superior systems. DMS Holland’s swift journey to independence has culminated in the creation of the MagnusMaster.


The MagnusMaster is a roll damping system based on the Magnus effect and while many people may not know of this effect by name, it is an effect that most are aware of by way of its various other applications. If one considers David Beckham striking a football, it is the Mangus effect that produces the curvature of the ball’s flightpath.


The Magnus effect is observed when a rotating ball, or cylinder, curves away from its original flight path. The MagnusMaster uses rotating cylinders to produce an upwards or downwards force depending on the direction of the rotation, much like a tennis player’s topspin or slice shots, this motion can be described as rotation about an axis that is perpendicular to the original flightpath. These forces are used to counteract a vessel’s rolling motion, a motion that commonly causes seasickness.

One of the key benefits of DMS Holland’s compact fully electric rotor-roll damping system, is that it has a much greater effect than traditional fin systems at low speeds. The MagnusMaster can generate rolling damping of 80-90 per cent at 3-12 knots. As well as being effective at low speeds it requires very little maintenance, is compact, easy to install and comes with an array of diagnostic options.


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