Former Superyacht UK Young Designer, Destinas Steponenas, has unveiled a new superyacht concept, designed in honour of the new Sky Atlantic series Riviera. Named Ectheta, the concept was commissioned after Sky Atlantic approached British Marine, through its association Superyacht UK, taking the opportunity to promote young talent.

Set in the South of France, the new series, created by academy-award-winning writer and director Neil Jordan, follows a scandalous family through a tumultuous period of their lives, following the passing of one of the series’ leading characters, Constantine Clios. As a result, Ectheta, has been designed to look at home on the coastline of the French Riviera, with a number of essential design cues inspired by the main characters, such as dedicated areas for the family’s extensive art collection.

From an aesthetical perspective, the forward section of the yacht has a clean and concise appearance, if not simplistic. While the aft section presents something a little different, with a large glass atrium dedicated to a vast art collection – a must for the Clios family, prominent figures on the art scene. Steponenas has also incorporated plenty of wood panelling and plenty of exterior entertainment spaces for the extravagant Clios family.

“My focus here is not the craziness of the surfaces, but the opulence which is derived from classic designs, which would, in my opinion, easily blend in with the French Riviera’s environment and the lifestyle of the rich, where the art and gallery on board the yacht are the most important aspects,” says Steponenas.

He continues, “With Constantine Clios in mind, the yacht is uniquely designed for him, which sees half the deck compromised for art – a unique feature for his yacht and his personality, and an attraction for other like-minded wealthy art lovers.” In keeping with the Clios theme of scandal and secrecy, Steponenas has also included a ‘secret room’, much like in the Clios household, where Constantine keeps a number of his possessions hidden.

While there may be a lighthearted basis for the design’s conception, having been designed for a fictional character, the concept itself has a very elegant profile, which is well weighted and in no way too far-fetched to the point it wouldn’t be a feasible project.


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