Below, Rebecca Fahy, chief stewardess on 52m sailing yacht Red Dragon, reviews products by Ecoworks Marine. Ecoworks is a biologicals company producing a wide range of MARPOL compliant, environmentally conscientious products for a wide range of marine applications. 

Of the many Ecoworks products on board, we use the Ecoworks Marine Laundry Liquid. You need very little to get fantastic results and we use it on all our laundry, including high end guest clothing and delicates and the results are more than we could have hoped for in cleanness and freshness.

Other products we use include the Washroom and Heads Cleaner, which has worked very well at targeting scale and calcium build up. It smells good to. In the galley we use the Washing-up Liquid, which goes a long way and does a really great job.

We use the Natural Sanitizer throughout the galley and it’s great at getting rid of the mould in the air conditioning vents. Throughout the whole boat, we use the Multi-Surface cleaner - it does a fantastic job of removing stains naturally from clothing, carpets and seat fabrics, without harming them in any way. 

The great thing about Ecoworks Marine products is that they really work, benefit the environment and give me peace of mind. They’re PH neutral so my hands are softer for it and I can’t damage anything I apply them to. Half the products come as concentrates for dilution, so I can store more on board and vary the strength if need be.

My ultimate reasons for using Ecoworks Marine products is that they are very environmentally friendly, they really work and conform to the MARPOL regulations. They’re by far the best value for money and we would recommend them to any yacht.

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