British design studio Design Unlimited has unveiled a new ready-to-build compact trimaran concept, a design and build collaboration between German Frers, Design Unlimited and McConaghy Boats. At 46.8m, the composite trimaran, currently known as the MC155, is designed for efficiency, offering significantly reduced running costs and fantastic seakeeping abilities.

Having already undergone an extensive two-year design and development stage, the new 46.8m concept is primed and ready for construction at McConaghy Boats, the shipyard famed for projects such as 43m Adastra, built in 2012. All aspects of the naval architecture and exterior styling has been led by renowned designer German Frers, however the composite engineering and systems on board has been handled by Pure Design, and a peer-review of the vessel’s seakeeping abilities has been made by DNV GL.

The construction of any multihull project is never a simple process but in many ways it’s the challenge that’s attractive. Speaking about the project, James Kinloch, head of sales at McConaghy Boats says, “We like trimarans because they are a challenge to build.” He continues, “McConaghy specialises in advanced composite structures – primarily boats, but also submarines, race cars and hovercrafts – and composites lend themselves to more geometrically complex hull curvatures inherent in trimarans.”

Trimarans, however, offer an enormity of attributes that monohulls simply cannot, which equates to reduced running costs, similar to that of a monohull half the size of the MC155, primarily due to the low-drag coefficient. “The strength, weight saving and hydrodynamic properties of composite trimarans deliver excellent speed, fuel economy and stability on passage and at anchor,” Kinloch elaborates. It is these factors that makes a trimaran such an attractive offering for a perspective client, along with the yacht’s design from an aesthetical perspective.

Design Unlimited is responsible for the interior styling, which has been described as clean and simple by the studio. However, the odd dash of colourful soft furnishings adds some personality to the interior. The original brief for the project specified lightweight materials throughout in order to reach the target speed and range. Furthermore, particular attention will also be paid to the interior soundproofing, to make for a more comfortable ride.

Both the hull and superstructure are composite construction using carbon, e-glass and epoxy resin, post-cured at high temperatures in a custom-built autoclave.

As specified by Design Unlimited, the functionality and ease of movement for the crew was also an essential aspect of the brief, which theoretically will allow both crew and guests to have an easier and less disturbed time on board.

Now that the design and development stage, Kinloch estimates that the construction time for the MC155 trimaran will take approximately 20 months.

The design day at The Superyacht Forum will take place on the 16th November. Click here to register



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