Once again I find myself truly appreciating the work of DeAngelo Marine Exhaust. Paring their fabrication and installation of exhaust systems along with Richard Boggs' SeaClean system and you have a solid performer that really outshines any other work I have come across. See the picture below of my completed generator room with its new exhaust system, all stainless steel cladded. Not only does this project perfectly complement what DeAngelo achieved with the engine room some 15 years ago, but it is a stand-alone point of beauty in regards to what anyone sees when they walk on board.

It is a stand-alone point of beauty in regards to what anyone sees when they walk on board.

In order to complete this project we had to undergo many modifications due to having to fit everything into a tight space while keeping it symmetrical and allowing for enough room to shape the cladding around difficult radiuses. Full credit to DeAngelo; never once did they say “No, it can’t be done”. They worked, modified and fabricated until they found a way and the end result was nothing less then perfect. Another point I appreciated was that there was always a continual flow of communication. I always knew exactly where they were with the project and there were never any surprises. This was very important for me as often times vendors will leave the engineers in the dark and it’s hard to pinpoint timelines when requested. In all my experiences with DeAngelo, both on my current yacht and previous ones, they have never failed to meet, and have often exceeded, my expectations through their own desire and dedication to produce the very best result possible. As a company, and as individuals, they have earned my full respect and continual desire to have them on board for any work that I might require in the future.

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