Throughout the last three years, the UK based furniture designer Coco Wolf has been working tirelessly to create the perfect outdoor furniture collection - suitable for any location and weather condition due to its breathable and hardwearing materials, which also happen to be totally sustainable. According to the company, it’s not only the design and durability which has been the primary focus during the R&D phase, but the stringent UK fire regulations which require incredibly high production standards.

Coco Wolf was founded in 2013 by sisters Rebecca Le Noel and Claudine Davis after identifying a niche in the market for elegant and durable furniture, which is made to live outside. The company ethos is to facilitate the seamless transference of living areas into the exterior space, without compromising the actual design of the furniture.

Often purpose-built outdoor furniture suffers as a result of the limitations of material durability and is instead simply designed to look like outdoor furniture, whereas Coco Wolf has managed to create outdoor furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in the interior.

Following two years of research and development, Coco Wolf has developed six unique ranges, including a bespoke range, all of which withstand the wind, rain and sun as a result of the breathable and hardwearing materials used and developed by Coco Wolf. These materials ensure that rain and seawater will simply glide off through the ventilated pieces. The fabrics are treated to withstand water saturation and stains, which allows the furniture to be outside all year round, without removing the cushioning, ensuring the products are perfectly suited to the exterior of a superyacht, regardless of the conditions.

“It came to our attention whilst seated on our run-of-the-mill outdoor furniture, that outdoor furniture settings were often lacking in style and comfort,” comments co-founder Rebecca Le Noel. “Inside our homes we had carved an interior style that represented every aspect of our personalities, but we couldn’t say the same for the outside. We decided to set about creating the same level of luxurious and long-lasting furniture for the outdoors.”

In addition to an array of residential projects, the designers at Coco Wolf are currently working on a range of bespoke bar stools for Winch Design.




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